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Collaborating Partners

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Collaborating Partners

Link to CeleraThe two companies have entered into a strategic alliance to develop and deliver new software tools through the Celera Discovery System™ (CDS), the web-based portal through which a variety of customers access Celera's expanding databases and analysis tools. In addition, Celera will offer LION's automated genome annotation, comparison and expression analysis tools, bioSCOUT®, genomeSCOUT™, and arraySCOUT™, through the CDS.

The German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)
Link to DKFZLION has entered into a collaboration agreement with the DKFZ for exclusive access to DNA-array technology developed by Dr. Jörg Hoheisel and bioinformatics software developed by Dr. Martin Vingron. The DKFZ and LION are also collaborating to develop further scientific advancements as well.


DeltaSoft Inc.
LION bioscience and DeltaSoft, Inc., one of the leading professional services companies in the field of cheminformatics, have entered into a multiyear strategic sales, marketing and development collaboration. The aim is to develop new solutions that integrate public and proprietary data repositories and workflows across bioinformatics and cheminformatics. In addition, DeltaSoft will become LION’s preferred provider of cheminformatics services globally. LION bioscience will distribute DeltaSoft's software solutions and professional services to the life sciences industry worldwide.


The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)
and The European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI)

Link to EBIlink to EMBLLION has exclusive technology transfer agreements with the EMBL, the mother institute of both LION and the SRS system, for SRS and further bioinformatics software.


Exographics, Inc.
LION bioscience has formed an agreement with Exographics, Inc. to bundle their Consystant and Chemeleon chemical structure conversion utilities with any of LION´s cheminformatic solutions.   These utility programs allow data to be easily exchanged between the diverse chemical software drawing programs and formats available to chemists.  More that 25 different chemical file formats, including SDfile, Molfile, MDL SKC, SMILES, ChemDraw, SYBYL MOL2, and Brookhaven PDB, are supported by the software.

Electric Genetics
Link to Electric GeneticsLION bioscience formed a collaboration with Electric Genetics (Capetown, South Africa) in the fields of transcriptome and expression variation analysis. LION uses Electric Genetics' well established stackPACK EST-clustering and analysis tool to develop software for accelerated gene discovery and annotation.


LogosThe strategic alliance between IBM and LION bioscience combines industry-leading technologies for scientific data analysis, management and integration with a powerful information technology (IT) infrastructure and implementation services to offer a more comprehensive and coordinated approach to research and development. Based on the combined technologies and services the two companies can offer a one-stop enterprise-wide solution which will make it easier for researchers to capture and utilize information from the widest range of data sources, and accelerate the development of new treatments for genetically-linked diseases. The agreement is expected to set new standards for how enterprises analyze and manage diverse scientific and medical data, as well as significantly improve business management processes within the R&D; community

Link to MDLLION and MDL Information Systems, Inc., the recognized leader in discovery informatics for the life sciences and chemistry in industry and academia have entered into software licensing and reselling agreements. LION will license a wide range of MDL’s industry-standard informatics applications and databases in order to develop and commercialize software applications that can interface with MDL’s widely deployed products. Together with MDL’s applications, LION’s integrated Life Science Informatics offering will further accommodate the entire R&D; chain of the life science industry. At the same time MDL will be the exclusive, global reseller for LION’s iDEA™ product line for the prediction and analysis of ADME (adsorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion).

Oracle Corporation
Oracle has a range of technologies that allow users to access distributed data sources from the Oracle database. The Oracle Transparent Gateway technology provides the flexibility, power and scalability to access non-Oracle systems from an Oracle environment. Based upon this technology, LION and Oracle have jointly developed a product called the 'SRS Gateway for Oracle'. This product enables Oracle database users and applications that run on the Oracle database to access SRS indexed databanks from an Oracle SQL interface.


Link to ParacelLION has signed an agreement on GeneMatcher™ the high-performance genetic data analysis system from Pasadena, California-based Paracel® Inc. LION uses the system in rigorous genetic sequence characterization as an essential component of a high-throughput alert system for identifying novel target genes.

Paradigm Genetics, Inc.
Link to ParadigmTo extend the applicability of LION’s integrated solution into the agricultural biology business, LION entered into an alliance with Paradigm Genetics. The aim of this alliance is to develop new products, to identify and deliver targets for crop production, nutrition and human health. This partnership is initially concentrating on developing informatics tools for metabolic profiling to predict changes in biochemical pathways, as well as phenotypic analysis tools to predict and analyze gene function.

Silicon Genetics
Silicon Genetics is the market leader in expression data analysis and management. With combined expertise in molecular biology, statistics and information technology, Silicon Genetics has developed a suite of highly interoperable gene expression analysis solutions that accelerate the pace of functional genomics research and drug discovery. Thousands of scientists currently use GeneSpring desktop tools, and more than 40 institutions deploy its GeNet solution. LION and Silicon Genetics worked and brought together their software technologies. LION's SRS data and analysis tool integration platform and the LION Target Engine™ integrate seamlessly with Silicon Genetics GeneSpring software.

Link to sgisgi provides LION's Bioscience with hardware for LIONs Life Science Informatics and Genomics Research and has a collaboration agreement with LION.