The Life Science industry is facing the challenge of managing the exponential increase in volume, diversity and complexity of available data generated by automated high-throughput technologies as well as the product development alternatives available. Test DNA Sequence


LION  is dedicated to improving the research productivity of the life science industry. We accomplish this by providing IT solutions that address the major challenges in the research process, enabling organizations to make better decisions about their research projects and their entire portfolio.


At the heart of LION’s offering is SRS, the world´s leading integration software for biological data, which seamlessly integrates information from hundreds of publicly available databases with in-house research data.

LION Target Engine™ is a biology solution for accelerating the target identification and validation through a wide variety of data mining, visualization and interpretation functionality. LION Target Engine™ seamlessly integrates biological data from different data sources. LION Target Engine™ allows for the use of its various modules as components, which can be integrated into a customers existing infrastructure, or as a complete solution suite.

LION Lead Engine™ is an application component that provides a comprehensive chemistry solution for lead identification and optimization as well as preclinical testing and analysis. The LION Lead Engine™ provides the ability to identify leads faster, while allowing researchers to optimize leads of higher quality more quickly. This product suite is expected to include and integrate different components developed as a result of different LION customer projects. 

LION SolutionCenter™ - Professional Services

To enable our customers to fully benefit from our Life Science Informatics, we provide professional services for the rapid implementation and customization of our solutions. LION’s professional services department provides customized solutions for clients’ specific needs. These tailor-made solutions can include integrating proprietary and third-party databases and applications; developing customized views and interfaces; and integrating internal data visualization resources.  LION also offers training courses for users and administrators.