Comparison of Traditional and Modern Drug Discovery
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Comparison of Traditional and Modern Drug Discovery
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LION bioscience AG is dedicated to enabling life science companies to improve productivity through comprehensive process integration and decision support solutions across the research and development value chain. The objective is to bring new products to market faster.

In biotechnology, genome research ("genomics") is a field associated with some of the highest hopes for innovative medicines and health strategies. The subject of modern genomics is the characterization and sequencing of genomes, or the total sum of genetic information in a cell. The relationship between gene activity and cell function is explored. In other words, genomics helps us understand what areas of the genetic makeup are responsible for the various physical functions and how processes work in a healthy or sick body.

If there are changes within the genetic makeup, these normal processes can be disturbed, which is often the cause of diseases. This is why it is so important to identify the genes that play a central role in the origin of illness. As a result, active compounds can be developed using this knowledge to treat or prevent specific diseases.

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