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LION bioscience and DeltaSoft Announce Strategic Sales, Marketing and Development Collaboration in Cheminformatics
  • LION to be preferred global distributor of DeltaSoft’s cheminformatics products and DeltaSoft named as LION’s preferred provider of cheminformatics professional services
  • DeltaSoft and LION to jointly specify and develop new solutions linking chemistry and biology
  • Preferred multiyear agreement forms key alliance in race to link genetic information with chemical and biological assay information
  • Complements and further leverages existing LION technology integration relationships with MDL Information Systems and Exographics, Inc.

Cambridge, MA, USA, Heidelberg, Germany, November 4, 2003 LION bioscience (Nasdaq: LEON) and DeltaSoft, Inc. today announced a multiyear preferred reseller agreement for LION to distribute DeltaSoft’s products as well as a collaboration to develop new solutions that integrate public and proprietary data repositories and workflows across bioinformatics and cheminformatics. In addition, DeltaSoft will become LION’s preferred provider of cheminformatics services globally.

LION bioscience will distribute DeltaSoft's software solutions and professional services to the life sciences industry worldwide. The three products currently released – ChemCart, Cristal and DeltaBook – each help life science organizations solve specific challenges in the research process. ChemCart is a forms-based access to data stored in Oracle chemical database cartridges. ChemCart currently supports access to all of the major cartridge vendors, including MDL Information Systems, Daylight Information Systems, and Accelrys. Cristal is a chemical compound and reagent inventory management system. DeltaBook is an electronic laboratory notebook system which is optimized to handle chemical structures and reactions as well as the specific types of data generated during the R&D process.

Each of DeltaSoft’s current products takes advantage of leading computer technology standards, such as Java, Microsoft, Oracle and web application services, can link multiple cheminformatic platforms transparently and also provide easy to use interfaces for the research scientist. DeltaSoft's technology eases integration with multiple chemical data cartridges, allowing life sciences companies to choose the cheminformatics vendor that best meets their technical requirements and eliminating the need to choose only one technology to the exclusion of others.

“As an industry leader in bioinformatics with more than 200 customers, LION was the ideal partner for our cheminformatics expertise, and distributor for our proven cheminformatics software,” said DeltaSoft President Michael Dippolito. “Together we can bring the needed integrated offering to the life science industry that has been talked about for years. LION has already developed a comprehensive biology solution for target identification and validation, and soon we will have a complementary and unified solution for lead identification and validation. With LION’s global markets and customer base we are confident of our ability to deliver this valuable new solution quickly to the worldwide R&D community.”

“DeltaSoft is a growing and profitable organization with expertise in all of the major cheminformatics platforms. They have an impressive track record of providing high value cheminformatics solutions and custom services to many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. This collaboration is driven by our customers who have said they need better integration between their chemistry and biological informatics systems, and need to spend less money than they are spending on isolated informatics and analysis systems today”, said LION bioscience Inc. President, Joseph F. Donahue. “We have an existing relationship with MDL that allows us to provide solutions that integrate tightly with their ISIS engines, Beilstein Crossfire, Assay Explorer and we have also recently entered into an agreement with Exographics, Inc. to bundle their chemical structure conversion utilities with any of our solutions. Together with DeltaSoft’s expertise with MDL, Daylight, and Accelrys chemistry platforms, and some unique intellectual property we’ve developed in collaboration with key pharmaceutical partners which we are now able to release generally, we believe we are in the best possible position to help our customers deliver the solutions that will help them support their discipline-spanning R&D processes in the most cost effective manner.”

For further information please contact:

Tracy Coffey
Director Global Public Relations
+1 617 245 5433

Günter Dielmann
Vice President Investor Relations
+49 (0) 6221-4038 249

About LION bioscience AG

LION bioscience (ISIN: DE0005043509, Reuters: LIOG, Bloomberg: LIO, Nasdaq: LEON) provides proven information and knowledge management solutions to significantly improve life science R&D performance and productivity. LION’s performance software solutions developed by its scientific and IT experts enable researchers to simultaneously compile and analyze data across various phases of the R&D process. Research time and costs are reduced, as scientists are able to identify and focus on the most promising drug candidates earlier.

LION ( sets the standard for integration solutions with more than 24,000 users of it’s products from more than 280 corporate and academic customers globally including AstraZeneca, Aventis, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Celera, DuPont, Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline, IBM, Incyte, Johnson&Johnson, Merck Inc., Nestlé, Novartis, Schering AG and Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals. LION’s solutions include SRS for bioinformatics data access, iDEA pkEXPRESSä with analysis and prediction tools for ADME/tox, LION Target Engine™ for target identification and optimization, LION Lead Engine™ for lead identification and optimization, LION DiscoveryCenter™ for biological and chemical data and application integration and LION SolutionCenter™ for professional services.

About DeltaSoft

DeltaSoft, Inc provides innovative software solutions for research in the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, and agrichemical industries. The company is one of the leading professional services companies in the field of cheminformatics with expertise in all of the leading cheminformatics platforms. The company is headquartered in Hillsborough, N.J. Additional information can be found at

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