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Demo Center

Welcome to the Demo Center!

Please fill out the form below to enter the demo center and you'll be able to see presentations of:

LION Target Engine - Summary Sheet at a Glance
LION Target Engine™ employs Summary Sheets, which provide a thorough overview of all information essential for target identification and validation. The Summary Sheet condenses all the information originating from public and proprietary resources available within the system. This demo navigates you through the target Liver X Receptor Summary Sheet.
LION Target Engine - User Scenario
LION Target Engine™ efficiently supports the scientist in target identification and validation process by providing best-of-breed, fully integrated components. Hence, you can seamlessly navigate through the data generated by the different LION Target Engine™ components. This demo guides you through a user scenario for target identification and validation in artherosclerosis.
SRS GeneSpring® Connector - User Scenario
The SRS GeneSpring® Connector establishes a seamless bi-directional data transfer between GeneSpring and SRS. The SRS GeneSpring Connector enables analysis of expression data in a wider scientific content.
The demo guides you through a user scenario on the functional relevance of up-regulated targets in ovarian carcinomas.
ChemCart is a software providing a web-based interface to chemical cartridge databases. The scientist can use predefined forms, or create custom forms to retrieve chemical structures, data and images.
The demo demonstrates the main functionalities of ChemCart.

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The best results can be achieved with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or better.

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