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The following partners are joining the User Group Meeting and will be available for discussions and meetings:


Deltasoft, Inc.

LION bioscience and DeltaSoft Inc. entered a strategic partnership to collaborate in the area of cheminformatics sales, marketing and development. LION will distribute DeltaSoft's software solutions and professional services to the life science industry.
DeltaSoft is an US based software and consulting firm, providing products for discovery research.


Oracle Corporation

Oracle has a range of technologies that allow users to access distributed data sources from the Oracle database. The Oracle Transparent Gateway technology provides the flexibility, power and scalability to access non-Oracle systems from an Oracle environment.
Based upon this technology, LION and Oracle have jointly developed a product called the ‘SRS Gateway for Oracle’. This product enables Oracle users and Oracle based applications to access SRS indexed databanks from an Oracle SQL interface.


Silicon Genetics

Silicon Genetics is the market leader in expression data analysis and management. With combined expertise in molecular biology, statistics and information technology, Silicon Genetics has developed a suite of highly interoperable gene expression analysis solutions that accelerate the pace of functional genomics research and drug discovery. Thousands of scientists currently use GeneSpring desktop tools, and more than 40 institutions deploy its GeNet solution.
LION and Silicon Genetics worked and brought together their software technologies. LION's SRS data and analysis tool integration platform and the LION Target Engine™ integrate seamlessly with Silicon Genetics GeneSpring software.




User Group Meeting