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Finding Druggable Targets Faster - LION Target Engine

The pharmaceutical industry is facing a continuous increase in R&D costs, whereas the number of new molecular entities (NMEs) that reach the market is growing at a significantly lower rate. As a result, many pharmaceutical companies are investigating ways to increase the pace and improve the quality of drug discovery and development. The advent of genomics-based drug discovery has resulted in a glut of potential drug targets. The real challenge is finding the "nuggets of gold" within this mass of potential targets. Therefore, the current challenge is to validate and prioritize these targets. One way to do this is to take advantage of in silico predictive methods. These methods are less time-consuming and more cost-effective than laboratory-based methods. However, the pharmaceutical industry is confronted with a vast number of highly heterogeneous predictive software applications and databases, which are not well connected.

Integrating all available data sources is the first logical step to addressing this challenge. Mere integration, however, is not enough to answer the most critical question for a company: which projects should be continued rapidly, and which ones should be abandoned? The knowledge in the company should be available in a form that can be easily interpreted so that the organization can prioritize targets in a straightforward manner.
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Portal Solutions for Life Science - LION's Portal Solution accelerate Time to Delivery in Drug Discovery

Companies in the Life Science industry have to reduce significantly costs and time to market of new drugs. To achieve this goal, pharmaceutical companies need to improve the productivity of their working environment.
A recent study performed by the Boston Consulting Group on behalf of LION showed that pharmaceutical companies could reduce both cost and time of drug discovery. Portals currently represent such technology by establishing an integration framework for knowledge management and descision support.
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Improving Research Productivity at a Pharmaceutical Company

The white paper summarizes how LION Bioscience Research, Inc. converted pharmaceutical processes into coherent and seamless IT systems aimed at accelerating the pre-clinical discovery stage and leading to the most promising targets at an early, and key decisive point in the drug discovery continuum.
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