How to use LION Support
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How to use LION Support
Case Tracking

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How to use LION Support

The LION support processes are described in LION's Customer Support Guidelines. The document can be downloaded from here.

What is a Case?

LION Customer Support tracks all requests for support as an individual case. This includes problem reports, questions and change requests. Each case is identified by a unique LION case identification and is logged together with detailed case information. Please be sure to record the case identification of your request for assistance so that you can reference it for future calls.

How to Report a Case?

A customer may register one or more authorized technical support contacts with LION. These contacts are the only people authorized to contact LION customer support with questions. Authorized technical support contacts are established to protect your company and your software, ensuring that only authorized representatives can request that LION investigate or make modifications to your system.

When you need to log a case with customer support, please have the information below in hand to expedite case resolution. Use the LION Case Report to organize the information.

  • What behavior are you experiencing with the software? What behavior do you expect?
  • When was the last time the software worked as expected, as per its documentation? When was the problem first observed? What has changed in your environment in the interim (Such as installing unrelated third party software, changing configuration, etc)?
  • When does the problem occur? When does the problem not occur? What is different between those situations?
  • Steps on how to reproduce the behaviour
  • How critical is this problem to your business? Can you work around it until a fix is found? Priority of this support request?
  • Case ID, if you have called on this case previously
  • Product and version number you are using and if applicable the component
  • Front end (client) product and version numbers
  • Description of the problem, including error messages
  • Other useful information, including details on your local system both client and server

The technical support contact at your company (as defined in your Services  contract) can report cases via email or telephone. The preferred medium is to report cases to the email interface LION’s case tracking system by using the LION Case Report Template.

LION is in the process of providing a web interface to it's Case Tracking System. This will enable authorized customers to submit and check the status of support requests via a comfortable Customer Support Portal.

Severity Classification

The severity classification of a case depends on its case urgency and impact on your  business. When reporting a problem, please use the following list as a guideline for assigning a level of severity when contacting LION over the issue at hand. Properly categorized cases help to ensure efficient response and resolution times.

Severity  1


Critical Business impact.


A down situation, whereby a customer is unable to do production work,
and a work-around is either not available, or, if available is unacceptable
to the customer. The software may:

  •  corrupt or permanently destroy data
  • repeatedly fail catastrophically
  • require repeated reboots of the system
Severity 2


Serious Business impact


A major function/product is unusable and no work-around is available,
but the customer is able to do some production work. The software may:

  • be usable but business critical functions are incomplete 
  • fail catastrophically
  • require rebooting of the system
  • suffer sufficient degraded performance (throughput/response)
    such that there is a severe impact on use
Severity 3


Moderate Business impact


There is a loss of a function or resource that does not seriously
affect the customer's operations or schedules. Any problem, which
was originally reported as Critical or Serious, but has been temporarily
solved with a reasonable work-around, shall be reduced to Moderate. This
category includes:

  • problems associated with the installation of the Software
  • some business non-critical functions are incomplete
Severity 4


Minor Business impact


All other problems with the software other than those falling within the categories above. This category includes: 

  • errors in Software Documentation
  • instances when the Software does not operate strictly
    according to
  • general usage questions (“how to”)

Case Resolution

Response times will vary according to the severity of the case. Sometimes additional information or a remote login session is requested by a LION customer support engineer. If different expertise is required in order to solve the case, the LION customer support engineer will contact the required resources within LION. LION customer support is based on a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) concept. As such, the first point of contact for customers is and will be LION customer support during the case resolution phases.

Please note, the response times represent our elapsed time target. Due to the complex nature of software development and operating environments, we cannot guarantee resolution time. It is the goal of LION customer support to provide solutions to all cases as quickly as possible.


Severity 1

Severity 2

Severity 3

Severity 4

Email Acknowledgement to Cases reported to the LION Tracking System including LION Case ID

Within 1 hour

Within 1 hour

Within 1 hour

Within 1 hour

Initial response from LION Customer Support Engineer

Within 4 business hours

Within 8 business hours

By end of next business day

By end of next business day

Definition of Action Plan after Initial response

Within 4 business hours

Within 8 business hours

5 business days/as required

5 business days/as required

Frequency of update

Every business day/as required

Every other business day/as required

As required

As required

Resolution Target or Re-evaluation

Within 5 business days

Within 15 business days

Next scheduled release/as required

As required




LION Customer Support Guideline
LION Case Report