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LION is dedicated to developing and maintaining a consistently high level of Customer Satisfaction through the delivery of responsive, high quality and innovative support services.

Customer Support is delivered by LION's global support organization with support groups in Germany, UK, USA and distributors in Japan, Taiwan and India. Highly trained Support Specialists with IT and scientific backgrounds are available to support our customers worldwide.




The standard support offering includes:

  • Unlimited submission of support requests via email, hotline or web
  • Access to support resources on LION’s World Wide Web site
  • Tracking, analysing and resolution of cases
  • Status updates on reported support requests
  • Installation support (on-site and remote)
  • Provision of Upgrades
  • Provision of Updates (which include patch releases and emergency bug fixes) as necessary and released in LION’s sole discretion

The Customer Support group provides the following optional services:

  • Performance audits and tuning
  • Software customizations (for example, integrating new databases)
  • Training
  • Resolution of hardware, operating system and network issues
  • Execution and monitoring of application administrative tasks (for example, updating databases)

The LION SolutionCenterTM department has the necessary resources in order to address all non-standard Services.


Get to know LION Customer Support. Every month we would like introduce a member of the support group:


LION Customer Support Guideline
LION SolutionCenter™